Download NSWhatsapp v5.50 Rose Edition Latest Version

 NSWhatsapp v5.50 Rose Edition


1.Send any type of file like APK, ZIP, XML,etc.
2.Added new Home Themes
3.Added some more Ticks & Bubbles, One in 3D
4.Added new font styles with preview options
5.Added new bubble views
6.Added all new social shortcut with more new themes
7.New Option to center the conversation header (Mod 6.0.7)
8.Increase the video send limit to 1024 MB
9.Increase the audio send limit to 300 MB
10.Added Brazilian Club icons in 3D even (Mod 6.0.0)
11.Added shortcut to theme collection for NSWhatsApp
12.Added shortcut to the Whatsapp Mods community
13.Added shortcut to Facebook group Whatsapp Mods
14.Fully lighter, cleaner and less data consumption

1.Send any File Of Any Size
2.Biggest Feature is here i.e. ability to hide chats -select any chat tap on 3 dots on the corner and click hide chat.
To view hidden chat just Click on Whatsapp or Username in Header.
3.Message Count on Live Icon.
4. Save Status or Stories.
5. New Conversation Style.
6.All New Toast Designs.
7. Added shortcut to theme collection for NSWhatsApp
1. Base Update to 2.17.107
2. New Feature to filter all messages of a person in a group chat.
3. Send videos up to 30 MB as GIF.
4. Get Notification whenever any contact changes his/her profile picture.
5. Newly redesigned chat option.
6. Fixed working for hiding last seen.
7. Changed user interface for privacy settings.
8. All new navigation bar theme on the main APP bar.
9. All major/minor bug fixes.
10. Same as stock WhatsApp.
11. SMS verification fixed.
12. Hide last seen, blue tick etc. All types of privacy included.

1. All new incoming/outgoing sounds for Messages 
2. Now there are Plus Edition in the place of flag emojis.
3. All New icons.
4. Introduced New Privacy Setting with an "Only" Mode.
5. All new Android Nougat Style icons and Shortcuts.
6. Modify Link colors within the app 
7. Lock Access of  NSWhatApp from widgets and Lock-Screen.
8. Setting to Change color of Action Bar (Title Bar where "Names" and "Last-Seen" are Shown)
9.  New Invite button In contacts.
10. Improved the speed of translating Chats.
11. Faster refresh of Contacts.
Other Basic Features

1- based on 2.17.107
2- Theme mods
3- privacy mods
4- supports calls
5- ban proof
6- hide your last seen
7- send 90 images instead of 16 MB files
8- show has online/last seen on the main screen
9- send video with size 30Mb instead of 16MB
10- media preview without loading
11- counter statistics for groups
12- theme server
13- change your status and add to 250 characters  instead of 139 characters
14- ability to copy friend's status
15- ability to change the app icon and notification
16- ability to press in links on your friend's status
17- Big Emojis
Many other features are waiting for you....Find out by yourself.......

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                NSWhatsApp v5.50- DOWNLOAD

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