Download GB Whatsapp Transparent 5.15 mod APK

GB Whatsapp Transparent 5.15 mod APK

Transparent Whatsapp 5.15 mod APK by

Features of Transparent WhatsApp v5.15 MOD
1- Repair presence error when Hide the appearance of the widget
2- Update to version Almarki 2.16.352.
3- Repair the emergence of an alert that the program is harmful 
(in the case is still alert Go to Settings>chats>a backup copy of the talks and then delete and re-download the program)
4- Fixed error when you open the program.
5- Repair the emergence of error when compiling the messages.
6- Now you can connect voice and image (video call).
7-Repair stop receiving calls from a particular conversation.
8-Fixed error when you open a conversation put it to lock.
9-Added 13 new icon for the program.
10- Add option No.9 for the management of cache files, and the possibility of deletion.
11-The possibility of protecting your account through the two-step verification.
12-When you send VSAT will show a large size.
13- Repair application themes loaded on the phone in some devices.



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