Dowload GB Whatsapp v5.30 Transparent Edition Latest Version

GB Whatsapp v5.30 Transparent Edition



  1. Ads free.
  2. All-New Design With 3D Bubbles.
  3. Changeable Icon.
  4. New 3D Style Entry.
  5. Extended Material Mod.

  1. Base Update to 2.17.24.
  2. New Feature to filter all messages of a person in a group chat.
  3. Send Videos up to 30MB as GIF.
  4. Get Notification whenever any contact changes his/her profile picture.
  5. Newly redesigned chat option.
  6. Fixed working for hiding last seen.
  7. Changed User interface for Privacy Settings.
  8. All new Navigation bar theme on the main APP bar.
  9. All Major/minor bug fixes.


  1. All New Incoming/Outgoing Sounds For Messages.  
  2. Now There are Plus Emojis in the place of Flag Emojis. 
  3. All NEW icons.  
  4. Introduced NEW Privacy Setting with an "Only" Mode. 
  5. All new Android Nougat Style icons and shortcuts. 
  6. Modify Link colors within the app. 
  7. Lock Access of  Yo Whatsapp from Widgets and Lock-Screen. 
  8. Setting to Change color of Action Bar (Title Bar where "Names" and "Last-Seen" are Shown)
  9.  New Invite Button in Contacts. 
  10. Improved the speed of translating Chats. 
  11. Faster Refresh of Contacts. 
  12. Fully Encrypted Messages.
  1. Base updated to 2.16.352 
  2. Most awaited video calls
  3. 2-factor authentication
  4. New launcher Icons
  5. Ability to call by one click on missed call bubble
  6. Now you can your set group name in 35 characters instead of 25
  7. Elapsed time now works with both 12hrs & 24hrs
  8. Big Emojis
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